We are all searching for ways to improve our health by making better food choices, exercising on a regular basis and finding new ways to relax. But what if there were things that could seriously affect your health that you were carrying around every day?
Although there are many more items (I haven’t even touched on cosmetics) here is my Top Five List of the items which you probably have in your purse that could be putting your health at risk.

1. Thermal cash register receipts


toxic free 4


I talk about this one a lot because it’s important. The shiny surface of thermal receipts contains the endocrine disruptor chemical BPA which is the same chemical found in plastic bottles. BPA affects our hormones, and can cross the placenta during pregnancy affecting the developing baby.

Solution : Decline, Opt for email, or have the checker place it in the bag, keep an envelope or extra baggie in your purse to keep all receipts separate so you only have to touch them once.

2. Plastic water bottles



We are encouraged to drink 64 ounces of fresh water a day and plastic bottles are so convenient, the small ones fit nicely in a purse and we just refill. NO! Remember our endocrine disrupting friend BPA, who loves our hormones so much he pretends to be them? BPA leaches out of plastic 55 times faster when it gets warm and the integrity of the plastic is compromised with any dents or scratches.

Replace : A reusable container, Glass is best. Too heavy? Best alternative is stainless steel, light, durable and long lasting with no leaching of chemicals. There are many to choose from, I like my Klean Kanteen, they are durable and lightweight with a great selection for all ages and activities.

3. Hand Sanitizers


We have all gone sanitizer crazy and the product that was originally meant for use by health care providers has become big business. The industry responded with thousands of purse size sanitizers which we slather on all day long, but beware.
Most contain ingredients such as alcohol, ‘fragrance’ which is a broad term covering up to 1300 chemicals, and the antibacterial Triclosan, classed as a pesticide is a very powerful endocrine disrupter even in low doses. All these are absorbed through your skin with every application!

Replace : When hands are soiled, wash and dry thoroughly, there is nothing that is as effective as good old plain soap and water.
If you just can’t live without your sanitizer, my choice is Sanitiz On-The-Go from my affiliate Go Beyond Natural , it is an alcohol free, 100% toxicfree spray, which is just as effective and totally safe for all the family.

4. Toxic Feminine Products


Believe it or not, because pads and tampons are regulated as “medical devices” and not “personal care products,” companies are not required to disclose any of the ingredients used in these products.
Unfortunately this means that tampons and pads may contain potentially harmful ingredients including pesticides, dyes and dioxin, all contaminants linked to hormone disruption, cancer, birth defects, and infertility.

Replace : Opt for products that have not been bleached with chlorine and those that are unscented or fragrance free and made from 100% organic cotton products. Alternatively, safer reusable options include silicone cups and washable pads.
Natracare has a wide range of products and uses certified organic 100% cotton and sustainably-sourced natural, plant based materials.

5. Lip Balm



Lip balm hangs in there right at the top of the list with hand sanitizers when it comes to repeated application and now with names like raspberry tea and bubblegum, they actually entice us into thinking we are having a meal! But do you know what are you actually putting on your kissers?
Petroleum derivatives, alcohol, silicone, fragrance and our old friend Parabens as preservatives that extend shelf life and can be carcinogenic. With an excellent blood supply and close proximity to our mouth it’s the perfect route for absorption of all those chemicals. Rule of thumb, if you are putting it on your lips, you are eating it.

Replace : Avoid ‘fragrance’ and color, look for toxic free, Organic and Eco cert ingredients and names you can say! Beeswax, cocoa butter, Shea butter and natural oils.