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Part One:

Manifesting a Vision

I think my only reservation when writing this blog is the fact that my vocabulary is lacking the words to describe the beauty of our incredible journey and I only hope I can go part way to do justice to the spirituality and culture of the destination and people of Bali. When you come home from somewhere forever changed by the experience and know in your heart that it could never be recreated, I believe you have had the ultimate experience.

To back up a little I should really explain how the trip came about because Bali was never on my bucket list of things to do and I actually had no idea where it was before I was invited to join this group of strangers, the amazing women soon to be known as the Bali Rinas.

The journey began the summer of 2014 when I was at a networking event and briefly met a like-minded entrepreneur. We chatted about our respective ventures and exchanged information with the intention of meeting up again soon which as so often happens, we never did, until May 2015 when I was invited to attend a Vision board workshop that she was hosting.

Creating a vision board, for those who are not familiar, is a way of pictorializing words and images that help you to define what you would like to create in your life and how you would like it to evolve in the coming months and years. You clip photographs and words from magazines that have significance to you and arrange them on a board like a collage.

By hanging the board in a prominent place where you will look at it a couple of times a day it can help remind you of goals you may have set and things you want to achieve in your life. Pictures seem to have a lot more impact than just words and it can be a very powerful motivational tool for anyone to use, no matter what your goals are. I was at the time being encouraged to complete a vision board as a way of setting some intentions and so it was the perfect opportunity for me.

I was excited as the day of the workshop arrived but what I was not prepared for was the emotion behind actually creating the board and I found that as I started to look at photographs and choose things that attracted me I was in a lot of fear. I don’t know about you but the thought of exposing my secret ideas and dreams into images for all to see was kinda scary! How would I be judged, would people think my thoughts selfish or extravagant, all the ideas I had sometimes seemed rather grandiose, even to me.

As I started to look through magazines I secretly glanced at the women around me to see what they were putting together for their boards, when in doubt, check it out! As I heard people asking for various items for cars, travel, homes and one even wanted a hunky guy, I realized that maybe my board was going to be acceptable after all!

By the time we were ready to assemble the photographs and sayings it was really quite obvious that I was BiPolar. There was no doubt in my mind at all. I had two completely different lifestyles going on, one of serenity, peace, sanctuary and quiet beauty. The other for travel and fast cars, achievement and material possessions, there was no way that all these pictures could be put on the same board, so I did two! On one board was the quiet, serene Penny and on the other the racy, extravagant side of Penny.

When it came to describing our boards to each other, some women had really strong visions of where they were going and what their boards depicted. I unfortunately had no clue what they represented except that I knew that there was a part of me that yearned for the peace and spirituality of my quiet board and another part of me that wanted to experience the fast cars the travel and the money.

I returned home with my boards and put them in my office with the intention of looking at them at least twice a day as a reminder of my future lives! But of course I didn’t, and they were stashed on top of a cabinet forgotten.

It was several weeks later when I received an email with an invitation to join in a women’s retreat to Bali in October. Not even knowing where Bali was or who was going, I took a quick look at the information and checked the dates, unfortunately we had already committed to attend another event during that time so I really didn’t pay very much more attention.

However, the seed had been planted and about a week later I found myself surfing the internet, checking out Bali as I mentioned the trip to my husband and looked at the details more closely. I was a little surprised at his reaction which was actually quite supportive, not that my husband would ever stop me from doing something that I really wanted to do, it was more the fact that we usually vacation together and already had plans to spend that time in Carmel. This trip did not include husbands, it was definitely for women only.

As I looked at the itinerary I started to get excited at the prospect, especially when I saw pictures of the resort, Bali Floating Leaf, the facilities looked incredible, that coupled with the opportunity for creating inner and outer sanctuary with yoga, meditation, spa treatments and a private chef cooking home grown organic meals, WOW!

It was only when I called and spoke to my best friend that the light bulb really turned on and the decision was made. As we chatted, I shared with her the details about the retreat and having to change the plans I had made with my husband.  At that point she stopped me and reminded me of my vision board, the calm quiet serene one! As I pulled it down from the top of the cabinet I realized that it was just as I had imagined, right down to the words sanctuary and find your inner peace. It appeared the decision had been made before I even knew about the trip.

I was going to Bali!


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