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Where are the toxins? 

I need to start by saying I never would have labelled myself as an activist, a tree hugger or an environmentalist, I am certainly not a political soundbox, I am simply a Wife, a Mum, a Grandma and an informed RN who cares about our future generations…..

But sometimes I get so MAD!!

Why? Because people ignore what is happening in front of them.
You know they are there, the dreaded toxins, all around us.. you would have to be living under a rock to not have noticed.
So is there a PROBLEM?

YES!! The problem that no-one wants to admit is that toxins are having a lifelong impact not only to ourselves but to our future generations!
It’s like the Elephant in the closet… if we close the door it’s not there!
But they are there…and they are a huge problem..
But Penny, I don’t use much and not very often..they are such small amounts, what’s the problem?

Toxins No Toxins

Well it’s like this…
The most up to date research shows that it is not as previously thought that we are most at risk from high does of toxic chemicals! Research shows that it is the accumulation of small insidious amounts that we are exposed to everyday in our water, our food, our personal care products and our air that can be just as, if not more harmful!
When we are exposed to large amounts of toxins, the body goes into self defense mechanism, protect and preserve! Kinda like a home invasion!

When we are exposed to very small amounts on a regular basis they go unnoticed and the body does not respond the same way… until the body burden becomes too great. This can show up as food allergies, auto immune disorders, neurological problems, thyroid issues and cancer.

Unfortunately the outdated laws that are in place allow for small amounts of endocrine disrupting chemicals, pesticides and other chemical toxins in our products..they are either self regulated by the manufacturer or they go unregulated.
But we live in a civilized country, why are we being exposed to chemicals that are attacking our bodies, causing cancer, birth defects, nervous system disorders and other problems?

Here in the US we stand alone from other countries and not in a good way. While other countries like Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, amongst others are responsibly protecting their citizens by implementing the Precautionary Principle when it comes to releasing products on the consumer that may be harmful, here in the US we practice the Burden of Proof where a product has to be proven to be harmful before it can be banned. Did you know, there are products manufactured in other countries that no one else will purchase because of the toxic ingredients in them, so they are sold here in the USA?

But what does that have to do with me I hear you say?

Well, because of the burden of proof, YOU are the experiment.

There is no one in a position of authority looking out for your best interests…sad I know but true.
You are responsible for you… you determine your destiny and the future of your children by the choices you make when you purchase your shampoo or toothpaste or drink from a plastic bottle or buy pesticide laden food.
Within that responsibility, you are in control and have the purchasing power to demand safe products and food for yourself and your children.

YOU have a choice, every time.

Should things change? Heck yes!
Will it happen soon? Probably not as fast as we would like.

The recent reform of the outdated Toxic Substance Chemical Act was signed on June 7th and gives us some hope that the EPA can eventually have some say in public health and environmental protection, but it will be slow!

In the meantime, it is up to us, we are the ones with the power to change, but as long as we keep burying our heads in the sand and pretending the elephant is really a mouse, the toxin laden products will keep appearing on the shelves, the pesticides will show up on your ‘organic’ products and the incidence of cancer, infertility, birth defects, neurotoxicity and diabetes will continue to rise.

Just as you have a choice who you vote for, you have a choice what you purchase.